Open a Food Establishment

Plan & Specification Requirements for Food Service Establishment Construction or Renovation
Section 8:24-11.1 of Chapter XII of the New Jersey State Sanitary Code requires that plans and specifications pertaining to the health and sanitary aspects of the food service operation, e.g. proposed equipment layout, equipment design and installation, construction materials of food related areas, and model of proposed fixed equipment and facilities be submitted to the health authority for review before construction, remodeling, or conversion is begun. Following is a list of the minimum requirements to which these plans must adhere in Saddle River.

All plans should be to scale and include:
  1. A floor plan which indicates the layout of the proposed establishments including the location of food storage, food preparation, food service, dining, clean-up, garbage, employee locker, and bathroom areas. Also, it should indicate the finish of the floors, walls, and ceilings in these areas.
  2. Details about plumbing (i.e. location of fixtures and drains).
  3. Details on lighting (number of foot candles at 3 feet off of the floor).
  4. Details on ventilation systems.
  5. A layout of proposed equipment including labels or codes, which identify the location and model of all equipment.
Plans must be submitted with a written description of the type of food service operation that is being proposed. The description should include a proposed menu or list of products, and also a description of how food will be brought in, stored, prepared, and served, distributed, or sold.

An early consultation between the health department personnel and those planning, building, or operating an establishment is highly desirable. All plans are to be approved by the health department prior to beginning any construction, remodeling, or renovation. Should this not be done, you stand the chance of wasting time and money with unapproved construction, materials, or equipment.

For further information, the Sanitary Inspector, Stuart Ostrow, may be contacted between the hours of 12:00 noon and 1:00 pm at (201) 327-2609 extension 234.
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