• If it is necessary to evacuate an area to separate you from a hazard, you will be informed by an announcement on an EAS Emergency Alert Station and/or contacted by a member of the Saddle River public safety group. The message and other news reports, will include any special instructions for a particular situation. If you are advised to evacuate, follow instructions promptly and carefully.
  • Remain calm - you will have ample time to leave.
  • Ignore all rumors. Stay tuned to an EAS station.
  • Do NOT use telephones or cell-phones, except to call for help, so lines will not become overloaded.
  • Gather your "Grab & Go" Kit described on this web site, or the items you would need for a three-day visit, including:
  • Warm clothing that can be worn in layers.
  • Blankets or sleeping bags.
  • Prescription medications if needed.
  • Personal items, like shaving kits, soap and cosmetics.
  • Extra supplies for infants & children.
  • Checkbook, credit cards & important personal papers.
  • Portable radio, flashlight & batteries.
  • A printout of this compendium (or a phone book)
  • Offer a ride to anyone you know who may not have a car.
  • In the event of a hazardous materials emergency, close the windows and vents of your car, and do NOT operate the air conditioner until you have left the emergency area.
  • Follow the recommended evacuation routes. Shortcuts may be blocked!

 Designated Evacuation Centers

The Office of Emergency Management has prepared evacuation routes and Congregate Care Centers should an emergency requiring you to evacuate your home arise. 

You will be notified which routes and facilities to use when an emergency requiring you to evacuate your home arises.
  • Families going to the home of a relative or friend outside the emergency zone can use an activated evacuation center as a meeting place and message center.
  • If you cannot stay at the home of a friend or relative, you will be assigned to a Congregate Care Center (temporary shelter).
  • These Congregate Care Centers will be professionally staffed by the American Red Cross and will offer food, medical care, communications, sleeping and sanitation facilities.
  • No firearms, alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs will be allowed.
  • No pets of any kind will be allowed inside the sheltering facility.
Do NOT re-enter the emergency zone until authorized personnel state that all is clear and emergency workers have removed roadblocks. As always, all authorized personnel will be in uniform, and carrying proper identification.

 Pre-Plan Pet Care

Note! For sanitation and safety reasons, family pets will not be allowed in public shelters. Pets may stay in your car, and outside areas may be available for pet feeding and exercise. Plan to bring pet food and other pet supplies with you. 

If you can make arrangements for your pet with a relative, friend or kennel 10 to 50 miles from your home, do so now.
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