What To Do in an Emergency


Sheltering is one protective action that might be recommended in an emergency to provide a physical barrier between you and the hazard. In cases of Severe Weather or Hazardous Materials Emergencies you may be asked to "Take Shelter" or "Remain Indoors." If you are told to take shelter, stay calm and do the following:

  • Stay tuned to an Emergency Alert radio or television station.
  • Keep your family & pets inside the house.
  • Close all outside doors and windows.
  • Put out fires in fireplaces. Close dampers after fireplaces cool.
  • Do NOT use telephones, or cell-phones, except to call for help, so lines will not become over-loaded.
  • Stay off the roads. Unless told to leave the area, you will be safer staying inside.
  • Should the emergency be due to hazardous materials, turn off all fans, furnaces, air conditioners and other ventilation systems.
  • Do NOT allow anyone without identification to enter your home. All utilities maintenance personnel and Saddle River public safety personnel will be in uniform and carrying proper identification.

The Emergency 9-1-1 telephone system should be used "When Seconds Count." In other words; ONLY if Life or Property is threatened.
CLICK HERE for important information for how to handle pets during an emergency
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