Borough Administrator

The current Borough Administrator is Richard Molinari who was appointed in March 2021 to oversee the day to day operations of the Borough pursuant to borough code and state statute.  


The Borough Administrator, under the supervision and control of the Mayor and Council, shall be responsible for the proper and efficient administration of the business affairs of the Borough. The responsibilities shall related to the general management of all borough business, excepting therefrom those duties and responsibilities conferred upon other borough officials by state statute, other applicable laws, rules and regulations promulgated by federal, state and county agencies, decisional law or ordinances of the Borough of Saddle River. The Administrator shall perform the specific duties covered in this chapter and such other duties as may be assigned to the Administrator from time to time by the Mayor and Council.


Some specific responsibilities include:


  • Act as liaison between the Mayor and Council and all boards, commissions and departments of the Borough government as well as the professionals serving the Borough such as the Borough Attorney, special attorneys, Borough Auditor, Borough Engineer, etc.
  • Recommend personnel policies and administrative practices for adoption by the Mayor and Council and thereafter implement and administer said policies and practices 
  • Assist in the timely preparation of the budget and monitor revenue and expenditures to ensure compliance with the budget as adopted.
  • Recommend and administer a system adopted by the Mayor and Council so that the questions, complaints and comments of interested citizens will be promptly and courteously handled by the appropriate personnel.
  • Supervise the purchasing activities of the Borough to ensure economy and efficiency.
  • Monitor all contracts of the Borough to protect the interests of the Borough.
  • Report regularly to the Mayor and Council on all of the above areas and on other activities of the Administrator in performance of the responsibilities of the office.
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