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Administrative Department

Borough offices are located on the lower level of the Municipal Building, 100 E. Allendale Road, and are open from 8:30 am to 4 pm Monday through Friday, except on designated holidays. The Office of the Borough Administrator Jerry Giaimis and Borough Clerk, Joy C. Convertini can be reached for questions or concerns by dialing (201) 327-2609. 

The Construction Department’s hours are 8:30 – 4:00 pm daily, Monday – Friday

Telephone System

The telephone system operating in the Borough Municipal Building is more efficient and enables our staff to handle the increased volume of calls more effectively. When you call our telephone number, (201) 327-2609, you will be greeted by an automated attendant. The attendant will give you 6 options:

  • 235 - Construction Office/Health Department
  • 2 - Tax Office
  • 244 - Municipal Court
  • 5 - Administration
  • 6 - Employee Directory (Dialing by Name)
If you know the extension of the party you wish to reach you may dial it at any time.

Now, when you call the Borough of Saddle River and our staff is busy on another call or assisting another resident you can leave a detailed message in our new voice mail system. This will enable us to return your call promptly and handle your request, comment or concern more effectively.

The following telephone extensions are provided to you, in order to speed your call to the individual you wish to contact.
  • 500 Albert J. Kurpis, Mayor
  • 550 Borough Administrator   
  • 228 Tax Collector - Linda Canavan
  • 225 Borough Clerk - Joy C. Convertini
  • 226 Planning Secretary - Dobbie Burgio
  • 230 Tax Assessor - Marie Merolla
  • 232 Finance Dept.
  • 245 Construction Department - Julianne Lipnick
  • 249 Acting CFO - Susan Hodgins
  • 235 Construction Office - Michelle Wood
  • 244 Municipal Court
  • 238 Building Inspector - Michelle Wood 
  • 237 Fire Official - Richard Silvia
  • 234 Environmental Health - Darlene Mandeville
  • 294 Court Administrator - Janine Bendix

The Borough operates a small municipal property maintenance department which is responsible for routine maintenance of our parks and municipal property. We do not pick up branches, leaves, vegetation or building materials. Residents are requested to make private arrangements for the disposal of these materials. 

Residents are encouraged to remove debris, cut brush and assist in road cleanliness along their property lines, particularly where cul-de-sacs are involved. Any road damage or roadway related problems should be reported to the Borough Administrator's office at (201) 327-2609.

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